Do you guys even know how strong you are?

By Jesse Kepka
NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach and Corrective Exercise Specialist

I had a really great conversation with some of my people this week. We chatted about my most favorite thing about being a personal trainer. It was an easy answer: I get to show you how strong you are.

Without a single fail, every one of you is stronger than you think. And I get to show you. Even before you get yourself to the gym – you’re strong. I’m just the one who hands you the mirror.

As I meet you at the door for the first time, listen to your story, hear about your goals and how your stories shape them – from that moment on, all I can see is your sky-high potential.

There’s a sequence that happens: I show you an exercise, you give me a look and say you can’t do it, and then you nail it. For sets upon sets. And then do you know what happens? Your hunger grows. And I get a front row seat! There’s more – this hunger and strength – it comes with you out the door of the gym into other areas of your life, and you crush those, too. Yep, it’s the best movie, ever.

Your bodies are ever capable. For. Real. I understand the fear of not being able to do it, but then you’ll never know if you can. That’s exactly where your goals turn real. Enter here, better-faster-stronger you. Right in that moment of uncertainty, where it’s hard and you would rather be anywhere else, that’s where I got your back. I’ve been there. It’s not easy for anybody and the fear is there for everybody. I see your gremlins, your doubts, your insecurities. I’m not scared to beat them.

You know how most of our greatest strengths can also be our greatest weaknesses? There’s a down side to this – my only being able to see how strong you can be – and that’s when consistency isn’t being met. It kills me. Straight up knife to the gut. I’d love to be able to print off the strong you that I can see in my head and show you. If I could, there’s no way you would miss a workout, rage on a cheat meal or ever doubt yourself. Making fitness goals includes really hard changes. Uncomfortable changes. Your lifestyle changes. Honestly, it really sucks. You’re not getting any sugar from me on this.  

Guys, do it anyway. Because you’re going to want to be the person that I can see. You’re strong enough. And I will preach over and over again that you’re worth it.

I’m so deeply grateful for my front-row seat, stab wounds and all.

PS: This is a recent text and perfect case in point: You can and you will. You guys make me smile so big, and so often, and so inside out…