Find a Way: Not having specific equipment is not an excuse to skip exercising

In this video, Chad Austin urges the Zoom audience to find a way to do your workouts even when you don’t have all the “right” equipment. Even if you don’t have dumbbells, kettle bells or any other bells, you can find alternatives around you. Doing something — even if it’s not exactly the way others are doing it — is better than giving yourself an excuse to skip exercising.

Tip shared by Chad Austin, who has been a leader in the fitness industry since 2003. He has experience as an athlete, coach, student, teacher, client, and trainer. He is the owner of Priority Fitness and a co-organizer for Priority Fit Camp. Each week, we publish a health and wellness tip that is shared at the Priority Fit Camp community workout. The free group class happens every Saturday at 7:50 a.m.  

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