Jim Thorpe – no shoes, no excuses

Jim Thorpe, 1912 Olympics

Just hours before Jim Thorpe was set to compete in the 1912 Olympics, he realized that someone had stolen his shoes. Did he quit? Nope. He found two mismatched shoes in a trash can. One was too big, so he improvised with an extra pair of socks to fill the space. Then what? He won two gold medals, one silver. This is one of several times he had to overcome adversity, and did so with victories.

If you find yourself making lame excuses about why you can’t or don’t want to get your workout in or go out of your way to choose a healthy snack, look down at your shoes and remember, you have matching ones that fit well, so carry on, sweet soldier. One moment or one decision may seem too small to make a difference. But if you string them together in a series, you have a lifetime.

Tip shared by Chad Austin, who has been a leader in the fitness industry since 2003. He has experience as an athlete, coach, student, teacher, client, and trainer. He is the owner of Priority Fitness and a co-organizer for Priority Fit Camp. Each week, we publish a health and wellness tip that is shared at the Priority Fit Camp community workout. The free group class happens every Saturday at 7:50 a.m.  

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