NEWSLETTER: Are you hearing voices in your head? Me too.

In this month’s newsletter, Jesse talks about the doubt that can affect all of us. It can be loud, we can overcome it.

Caution: This tune has been sung, but listen carefully.

For so many of us, our absolute worst enemy lives right inside our own head. It shines a different light on the phrase, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” The line between them gets blurred, and we start to find it difficult to tell which one is which. That voice of doubt and all those choruses on repeat that say, “I can’t,” are powerful. And not the good kind of powerful.

So, here’s the simple truth: you can absolutely hit your goal. That’s the chorus you want to sing.

I know you’ve heard this before. It’s been preached time and time again. But do you believe it to be true? Have you put forth effort to change the voice, or at least silence the negative one? I’m talking a gut-wrenching, honest effort, here.

When I was little and my mom tucked me into bed for the night, she would tell me that I was all the things she wanted me to be. She’d say I was compassionate, patient, kind, things of that nature. And when someone tells you that over and over again, you eventually become it. Or it becomes you.

Still think this is old news? Or, quite frankly, a load of crap? That this idea has been smashed and shattered? Here’s the thing: I’m not a big cheeser or outwardly loud motivator. I don’t love sentimentality. Heart shapes have no business on any of my jewelry. But I’m telling you this because it matters. It holds power.

If your voice of doubt is obnoxiously heinous and loud and you need help, come see us on Saturday mornings for our free bootcamp. We will tell you that you can, over and over again, until you believe it.

Choose today to silence the doubt.

Set your goal and get after it.

Simple as that.

– Jesse Kepka, CPT, CES