NEWSLETTER: Don’t overlook the victories along the way

This is from the March Elevate Fitness Newsletter:

Hey, Elevate Fam! You guys seriously impressed me the last couple of weeks. We’ve had so many victories, I can hardly stand it. You want a list, you say? Absolutely, but we’ll go anonymously.

  • more pounds down, slow and steady is winning the race, trusting the process
  • balance successes across the board – it’s so exciting to watch, I actually squeak and hop in delight
  • lunges, oh the stunning lunges performed to perfection
  • simply getting to the studio and doing the work when desire is in the negative, big wins for consistency and pushing through the rough days
  • strength and flexibility gains for those ever so delicate hamstrings, especially long-levered boys
  • endurance is growing across the board as well, moving through sets a bit faster with less rest and more desire, more hunger
  • victories in nutritional behavior changes, maybe the most difficult to master, make me so so proud
  • exercises demanding an insane amount of trunk stability and that create the most amount of sweat- nailed before most people are even awake
  • fitness is a newly added bullet point on priority lists, something that will get done no matter what life throws (again, insert audible squealing and hopping on my part)
  • you know that super sticky part of a pushup? Yep, we’re breaking through, balls to the walls
  • “abs on, glutes on” is on obnoxious repeat in sessions, and you’re calling on them to do exactly what they’re meant to do (omgomgomg!)

You guys, I’m loving this. And you make me so happy. 
In fact, I was so worn out from giving you my all this week that my Friday workout was a hot damn mess. But I got it done. Because you guys got it done. And you’re so worth it. 

– Jesse Kepka, CPT, CES