NEWSLETTER: Find your people, demand they tackle you.

In this month’s newsletter, Jesse talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who share and support your goals:

You guys are killin’ it – your posterior chain is getting jacked!” I love training my brothers first thing in the morning. They bring it. Three times a week they bring it, together. We do some hard things. We do some scary things. Doesn’t matter though. They do it all. I’m so thankful to have them in my life for constant and steady inspiration. I swear, my insides are smiling for a straight 55-minutes, and an onlooker could see it, even if my face doesn’t say it.

The importance of surrounding yourself with people who share and support your goals has surfaced frequently, lately, in conversation. Fitness goals require consistency in all the small choices you have throughout the day involving nutrition and movement. When you come to a hard moment, the ones where giving-in seems pretty great, your people can lift you out of that quicksand. If they see you willingly stick your foot into the sand, just to see what it feels like, they need to know to full-on tackle you to the floor before the other foot steps in. If you don’t have people who know what you want, down you go. I’ve always been self-motivating and find my fighter with self-competition. Beating my yesterday or even the last 10 minutes is my jam. So, when I tell you I’m changed and pushed by my brothers, you know I mean it. Those that know me, know that I don’t necessarily thrive, relationally.

This month, I want you to find your people and fill your empty spaces with them. The times we live in are being suffocated with isolation and fear. Now, more than ever, go to your people. Tell the ones that matter most exactly what you want, listen to exactly what they want, and then motivate and inspire at 360-degree, full-sprint capacity. Tend to each other’s fire. Keep away from the sand. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

— Jesse Kepka, CPT, CES

“Rock Dennis tackles Taylor Wardlow” by Schlüsselbein2007 is licensed under CC BY 2.0