NEWSLETTER: Nutrition is a wild ride, and it has massive ripple effects.

In this month’s newsletter, Jesse talks about nutrition and how food can impact all areas of your life:

I’m on break at the moment, sitting here in between clients, staring at my portable blender, watching blueberries, strawberries and coconut milk spin together into a delicious oblivion of nutrients to fuel my workout in about an hour and a half. Do you know what else I’m thinking? I’m glad you asked.

Nutrition is a wild ride, guys. It’s mountainous – with summits, canyons, boulders to beat, slippery slopes through which to maneuver. It’s scenery even changes through the seasons. I know it’s a really hard thing to change for the better. I also know how important it is for your goals, and I so want you to slay them. I’m not even just talking about fitness, weight-loss or athletic performance. It affects EVERYTHING. Emotional stability, sleep (which dominoes into a host of other things as we know, including recovery and stress), the health of our relationships, positivity, perspective (if you feel good about how you look, you’re able to consistently see hope), hormones, depression, anxiety…our entire lives. Nutrition is one of those things that, if you do it well, you make massive ripple effects throughout your entire lifetime for yourself and the people by whom you’re surrounded.

We’re not just caring for our physical bodies with exercise and nutrition. Not by a long shot.

There’s a delicate and completely beautiful rhythm happening in our bodies every day. We wake up and demand things of our mental and physical capacities that require energy. You input calories, your body creates energy for the tasks you are asking of it, and then it asks for more when it runs out. How well you fuel it directly impacts how efficiently it creates this energy, formulating metabolism (so to speak). Energy balance begets happy body which begets happy spirit which begets happy life. If you feed it things it doesn’t need, you may as well be spinning out in a parking lot somewhere burning rubber and creating a fowl-smelling smoke. This is not the way to climb that mountain.

I preach (and practice) these things because you have to realize its importance as the first step. You have to realize you’re worth it. Realize your potential. And upon all of this realization, a will to make the changes never fails to follow. If you need help or just don’t know where to start, reach out! I can refer you to some Precision Nutrition Coaches that will help with specific guidance. It makes the mountain much less intimidating. And, please, please trust me – you will see results of your workouts multiply in your physiological makeup, progress with strength and power and the host of aforementioned areas! Your nervous system commands the body and mind, so fuel it with fire.

Quick Tip: Fruits and vegetables are carbohydrates! They contain the sugar your body wants and needs. Consume them in the first ¾ of your day – that’s when your body will use them with the most efficiency.

— Jesse Kepka, CPT, CES

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