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With release of new fitness book, authors pledge 75% of proceeds to the FOX4 Love Fund for Children

Fitness entrepreneurs and authors set a goal to raise $10,000 for the Kansas City charity through sales of their paperback

Personal trainers, Chad Austin and Jesse Kepka, recently released their book entitled Make Fitness A Priority: 30 Tips to Elevate Your Life Through Fitness. The book aims to help anyone become their best self while creating avenues for Kansas City’s youth to do the same. With that focus on community, Austin and Kepka are donating 75% of each paperback book purchase to the FOX4 Love Fund for Children. The duo hopes to raise $10,000 to benefit Kansas City-area youth.

The tips in this book are short, practical to implement, and notably created from compassion. The authors have a real desire for you to not only hit your fitness goals but continue to create new ones.

“I feel very strongly about our obligation as a community to inspire one another, especially in uncertain times. Fitness can elevate every aspect of your life, not just your physical body. And now, more than ever, our kids need to feel safe and strong, too,” said Kepka, owner of Elevate Fitness KC, LLC.

Available on Amazon, the book already has more than 100 reviews and a five-star rating ( “This is a great book to get you going wherever you are right now,” writes one reviewer, Joy Thomas. “The tips are not complicated, they are understandable, and you could start with any one of them and make significant progress towards your goals. I love the encouraging and supportive voice the authors use!”

The Love Fund for Children bridges the gap in youth services by partnering with advocates to fulfill unique, unmet needs of children across Kansas City. You can find more information on that at .

About Chad Austin & Priority Fitness:

Chad Austin is a certified personal trainer and owner of Priority Fitness in Overland Park, Kan. Priority Fitness was named after his best-selling and award-winning book, Make Fitness a Priority: How to Win the Fight Against Your Excuses.

About Jesse Kepka & Elevate Fitness KC:

Jesse Kepka is a certified personal training and owner of Elevate Fitness KC, which operates out of the Priority Fitness personal training studio. The motivation for the Elevate Fitness name came from how Kepka envisioned her prayers rising to the Heavens attached to a balloon.

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